Body / Negative Epoche

Release Date 02/21/2019

(Dune Altar)

Body / Negative transforms the world into a bedroom with her debut EP, Epoche. The LA-based solo artist plays with texture, delay, and converging vocals to create an amalgam of sounds that transport the listener into a universe of both familiarity and mystery. The record begins with “Jamais Vu”: an eerie concoction of field recordings overlapped with spoken word and shaped by layers of synthesizer. The latter half of the EP draws its influence from shoegaze: Track 3 “SIUL” is reminiscent of Pygmalion-era Slowdive, while track 4 “Ataraxia” incorporates auditory elements of Alcest’s oft-overlooked dreampop record, Shelter. From crackling vinyl to soothing rainfall, the artist interweaves a myriad of sounds to blanket the entire album in a familiar feeling of comfortable sadness.