DMBQ Keeenly

Release Date 11/16/2018


Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet are back. Keeenly is their 13th album since 1989, but the first one over a decade, and, in anticipation of a tour in North America, the third DMBQ album ever released outside Japan. It is an enormous sound  of  rock,  just  what  the  world  needs  to  hear right now!

DMBQ are Shinji Masuko, Shinji  Wada and Maki. In  the  time  since  their  last  record,  Masuko has  been  a  member  of  Boredoms, playing  guitars,  noise,  tape  machine  and  turntables,  participating  in  the 77 and 88 BOADRUM projects  and  organizing  the  principles  of  Eye’s Sevena (seven-necked) guitar.

For Keeenly, the first DMBQ record in a long time, the band recorded themselves, using vintage mics, analog tech, and lots of amps. In a tribute to the old-school hard rock that is their inspiration, they recorded live. This reflects the inspiration of nature as well — things like wind, water, sky, wild animals and human beings are all very influential to DMBQ. Their music is an attempt to bring a great noise of natural sound into the world, sidestepping the use of computers completely.

In  the  1990s,  the  sound  of  DMBQ was  described as heavy psych rock,  which  is  a  kind  of  music that the band has great feeling for. However, their goal is get free from the constrictions of rock, using more abstract and imaginative   elements,   such as the use of noise and   drone   elements  in  their  playing.  Today,  these intentions are fully integrated  and  evolved,  and  the  pure  electric  force of the music is at an apex of expression.This  double-LP  version  of  Keeenly allows  the world to hear the monster sounds of DMBQ in their  natural  element.  Play  it  LOUD—you can’t help it!