Fern Mayo Week of Charm

Release Date 11/27/2019


Fern Mayo’s Katie Capri wants to help you see in the dark. Deeply rooted in the subconscious, her dreamy tracks, equal parts trancey shoegaze and indie rock, flit between extremes as they fumble to find a middle ground between irreconcilable opposites.

On their second LP, Week of Charm, Fern Mayo's complex emotions unspool into infectiously catchy tracks. Capri’s lyrics and songwriting explore what’s unspoken in relationships as an attempt to salvage the good from the unsavory. Her voice, both deep and mewling, coasts beneath the brilliant melodies, a prescient mixing for an artist so concerned with gray spaces.

Week of Charm showcases Capri’s confrontation with the ebb and flow of self-healing and self-reflection, two processes that propel her writing. The result is a genre-fluid album that touches on spirituality, mythology, and the intangible pull of the sleeping psyche.